DEA - mission Colombia

As a member of DEA anti-drug squad catch the most dangerous narcos criminals in the world.

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Are you ready for one of the largest police actions in the history of Colombia?

Everyone knows the story of Pablo Escobar. A Colombian drug lord, narcoterrorrist and a serial killer. If you haven´t catch him yet, try our another game called House of Escobar.

But the agony, that Colombian people have to live in for years, is not caused only by him... Escobar has created the biggest drug cartel in the history of mankind. And today we are going to destroy it!

As a member of DEA (Drug enforcement administration) squad under the U.S. Department of Justice you came to Colombia to localize and catch four of the most dangerous narcocriminals. Having their names and photos, the work is there to be done.

Good luck!



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