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house of escobar online escape room

Let´s enjoy a unique digital escape room with your friends and catch the Colombian monster before he leaves the country!

dea mission colombia online escape room virtual

As a member of DEA anti-drug squad catch the most dangerous narcos criminals in the world.

lost in time online escape room optimized
Lost in time
Coming soon

Enter the teleport and enjoy an unbelievable journey through time.


Enjoy online escape games wherever you are!

In this place, you can find unique real-world escape rooms by converted to digital online versionYou can play our rooms solo, but also with your friends, alltogether but everyone in his place. Games works without a live-host/avatar so you can play whenever you want!

All players are able to see the every action of their teamamtes and do the tasks togetherYou can control everything in the escape room from your computer at home. Hints are built into the games.

Communication between players works via skype, zoom, messanger´s your choice.

But enough was said! :) You don´t want to miss the opportunity to catch the biggest drug-dealer Pablo Escobar and his accomplices for start, do you?


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