Lost in time

Enter the teleport and enjoy an unbelievable journey through time.

Coming soon

Huge breakthrough in human history! Time machine constructed in Košice, Slovakia.

Be a daredevil for an adventurous expedition in time! „We are not worthy of changing the history, we live for the present,“ claim the teleport designers. That´s your chance to make a step to the past. Or future? Who knows...



Why to play online escape room?

  • Our real-live escape room is digitalized into 360° immersive experienceso you get the feeling of being in a real escape room
  • Game is without live-host, so you can play whenever you want
  • Game si played on computer, so you play from comfort of your home
  • The estimated playing time is 60 - 90 minutes, but you have 48 hours to finish the game from the first activation of the game link. You don't have to worry about not completing the game successfully.
  • You can play with your friends but also solo
  • If you play with friends, you are able to see the every action of their teamamtes and do the tasks together. It is great virtual teambuilding activity or birthday fun during lockdown
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